New track and Video - OUT NOW

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to film my latest track live at Marshall Amplification HQ. Myself and my production team set up on the theatre stage, in front of the famous wall of sound. The sound created on the track was using the iconic Marshall bluesbreaker and JVM410H heads...just to name a few! Through the amps we used a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top to create a truly iconic sound. The track is dark and heavy, so filming at Marshall was perfect for the vibe of the record. The track is now available to download from itunes and to get a better idea of the gear we used and to see myself and my band in action, you can watch the live video on youtube. 

Welcome to my NEW website!

My media team have been working hard behind the scenes to create and launch my brand new and exclusive website. It is a state of the art responsive site that allows people to interact and really follow my latest work. If browsing on a smart phone, ipad, laptop or full screen computer, the site will cater to any device, cool! You can interact by sharing my latest news, pictures and there are direct links to all my other brand new social media sites including, my facebook fan page, instagram and soundcloud. The site will showcase my latest videos, sessions, studio work and will be the first place to find out what I'm doing next and where I will be playing live. My look has been created by world famous photographer Joseph sinclair and leading make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis. They worked together to create my unique new image to launch my media campaign this year. Check out the gallery on the site for exclusive images of their work.